Villa Sinuksi

Holiday packages

There is a possibility to combine services of a qualified image consultant (the owner of Villa Sinuksi) with the accommodation (e.g. colour analysis or body type and style analysis). And for lovers there is a special “love package”(some extra and surprises according to the theme) that you may add to your accommodation.

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As a customer of Villa Sinuksi, you will get 20% off the sartorial service prices (stated below in the package price). The benefit is significant: Normal price for the BC- color analysis is 150€, same as the body- and style analysis. In addition to the Täysin Sinuksi (including color-,body- and style analysis) –package, the Villa Sinuksi customers get the lodgers advantage, leaving the total price for the Täysin Sinuksi- service, only 200€.

Available style vacation packages presented below:

♥  Täysin Sinuksi- Holiday

♥  Sinuksi- Analysis Package

♥   Girls Style Night


♥  Täysin Sinuksi- Holiday

A complete pampering- and style package, angled towards women. Give yourself some quality time focusing only on yourself. Or you can take a friend with you and spend a memorable, useful, and rewarding weekend together. After this versatile unity you will know exactly how to dress and you will return to your everyday life as a new person. No more clothing crises, instead you will find the joy of dressing again as you dive into its diverse dimensions. Come find yourself in the astonishing surroundings of Villa Sinuksi!

Body- and style analysis (value 150€, length about three hours)

♥  Personal analysis of body type and proportions, and style mapping

♥  Lengths of skirt-, jacket- and sleeves are analyzed

♥ Shapes of the neckline and collar

♥  Personal and detailed style guide, with written dress codes and illustrative pictures


Beauty Colors- Color Analysis (value 150€, length about two hours)

♥ Seasonal color definition with test fabrics (22 fabrics)

♥ Showing fabrics of one’s own colors by face (minimum 32 fabrics)

♥ Makeup and hair color counseling + make up with one’s own colors using high quality makeup set, Hôtesse

♥ Guidance of how to use and combine different colors

♥ High quality color map (value 40€)


Täysin Sinuksi- Holiday with one night (VAT. included)

269€/ person

 Täysin Sinuksi- Holiday with two nights (VAT. included)



Timing of the services will be decided together with customer. It is also possible to add more than two nights in the Täysin Sinuksi- vacation package. Male companion during the Täysin Sinuksi- vacation will stay in normal price.


♥  Sinuksi- Analysis Package

BC- color analysis is well suited to both men and women. Women can alternatively choose body- and style analysis. It includes one night in Villa Sinuksi and either Body- and style analysis OR BC- color analysis. See the contents of the analyses above.

Sinuksi- analysis package with one night

189 € / person

♥ Girls Style Night

Take your friends with you and come spend a memorable and relaxing holiday in Villa Sinuksi!

Girls Style Night includes one night accommodation in Villa Sinuksi + one group session (VAT. included)

3 persons total 179 € (59,7 € / person)

4 persons total 224 € (56 € / person)

5 persons total 269 € (53,8 € / person)


Theme options for the group sessions:

♥  Scarf tying

♥  Quick color analysis

♥  Quick body analysis

♥  Skirt lenght review


Services carried out as part of the accommodation packages, are performed in Villa Sinuksi premises.


Feel free to ask more by e-mail or phone, and book your own vacation today!