Villa Sinuksi

Contact info

Address: Supikuja 1 A, 40400 Jyväskylä. OBS! The street name changed in the beginning of 2012. The previous address is Saukonkuja 12 A. The old address may be found from the maps for a while.

E-mail: info(at)

Phone: +358 44 555 4497

Business ID: 2199483-3

Internet pages:

Bank account:

IBAN:  FI84 3131 1000 9145 68


OBS! Please be prepared to pay in cash! Ask also for the invoicing possibility.






The facility is located in Halssila, Jyväskylä, 3,5km away from the city centrum, on the second floor of a semi-detached house. Address: Supikuja 1 A, 40400 Jyväskylä. The space is peaceful, cozy and beautiful.

Directions from the centrum: Drive Vaajakoskentie 1,9km. (As a landmark, by the road there’s “the second” Siwa, after which continue further 200m.) Turn left to Halssilanrinne. Take the first turn left to Supikuja. You have arrived to the destination. White wooden house number 1 is the first on the left.

Directions from Vaajakoski: Drive Vaajakoskentie in the direction of city center and after St1- petrol station, turn to Halssilanrinne, which is the first road to the right. Then take the first road on the left, to Supikuja, and you are at your destination. White wooden house number 1 is the first on the left.

Premises are found when you walk through the carport to the backyard. Continue straight and the entrance is on your right (up the stairs to the second floor).

Click the map below to see the location (Supikuja 1 A):

Näytä suurempi kartta

The local buses 1,2,3,38,42 and 43 gets you close, by the Vaajakoskentie.


Accessibility and home visits

Please mention when booking the possible need for unobstructed access. This way, we can take into account your personal needs and plan together the most appropriate solution for providing the service.

Services can be produced in the sartorial service Sinuksi premises, but also in facilities arranged by the customer, for example home, business premises, service homes etc.

When personal services are provided elsewhere than Sinuski premises, the prices are added with the kilometer allowance 0.46€/km, or by agreement.



Parking is free. The car can be left to the yard, in the designated area. There is a parking area with a parking disc, 300 meters, a few minutes’ walk away, at the beginning of Kontiontie, on the left side (continue up the Halssilanrinne, the second street on the right). Also you can park by the Peurantie (to the left side of the road, according to the road signs). You may also park at the end of Revonkatu by the street, but then you must drive through Ilveskuja, as the road via Halssilanrinne is closed.