Villa Sinuksi



Customer satisfaction is very important to Villa Sinuksi. Accommodation customers’ comfort and wishes are fulfilled as well as possible. Sartorial service customers aren’t left alone even after the actual service, but the problem situations can be solved together afterwards, in order to ensure that the service is well-utilized in everyday life. Sinuksi’s products are carefully made and polished. Customers are served the best way, and what is started is done properly to the end.

Aesthetics, individualism and equality are also Sinuksi’s values. Each person should have the equal right to look good in their own personal way.

Sinuksi appreciates vintage: past decades’ high quality and well-fitting clothes, as well as beautiful articles made with skill.  All of the old things have their own story to tell and they communicate something of the past life. Vintage clothes are examples of elegance and quality, something that modern fashion and clothing industry often lacks of.